03 a 05 Nov 2016Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon - Portugal

International Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Conference

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the International Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Conference Lisbon 2016 from 3rd November to the 5th November, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The theme of the International TSC Conference Lisbon 2016 will be: "Navigating TSC: Science to Therapies" and it will be a unique event blending the diversity of professionals, scientists, clinicians and families that constitute the international TSC community.

The knowledge of the basic mechanisms underlying TSC and related fields has experienced an enormous expansion in recent years. This has both influenced and benefited from the understanding of normal and disease cellular biology of different body systems, and has been the baseline for a parallel change in the health and life of the patients and families stricken by the disease.

Some of the highlights of a very comprehensive program will be:

- Animal models and signaling

- Clinical and basic Neuroimaging

- Cerebellum and behavior

- Cannabinoids and mTor inhibitors in epilepsy

- Behavior and cognition: from basic science to patient management

- Advances in the care of TSC: kidney, lung, skin and heart

- Burden of the disease and the role of the associations

Lisbon is just the right place for this melding of knowledge and experience. Lisbon has a long and deserved welcoming tradition and has been a rallying point of cultures and civilizations for at least 2 millennia. The perfect token of this spirit is the venue of the Conference, a striking work by a prized Asian architect with Portuguese origins, meant to explore the Unknown and open to the river Tejo from where the navigators once started their world-linking journey alongside the neighbor 16th century Tower of Belém, well-known symbol of the city.

Please join us!










Dr. José Carlos Ferreira           Professor John Bissler

Portugal                                        USA

Conference Co-Chairpersons

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